WordPress to Leads for Salesforce

WordPress – What is it?

So the latest technology around is WordPress! “It’s the world’s largest self-hosted website creation tool, with millions of sites relying on it to deliver their content.” Now in layman language is a Content Management System.

How WordPress works with Salesforce?

You can use WordPress to generate Leads (potential business opportunities) from your website and filter out to your Sales team. Just imagine automatically generating more than 400 Leads a day by the data filled out by your website visitors. So many people hit the website and so many people will fill in your contact us form and submit onto your website. But how do you capture all the information without actually having a person sitting there doing manual data entry trying to monitor everything?

Your answer is WordPress! So its as simple as the website visitor fills in the contact us /enquires form online, it filters into Salesforce and converts into Leads! Bingo! By just linking Salesforce with your website by using WordPress you will be able to capture each and every person’s details and their interests into your Salesforce system in date order without having to do any manual work and with the help of Reports within Salesforce you can monitor trends of your Leads etc.

WordPress-to-Lead for Salesforce will capture all the data that you would have possibly missed and every single one of them is logged into Salesforce for you to follow up on. There are short codes that can be used on the website for pages and many settings that you can configure for the form, or widgets that can make your form visible on your sidebar! The possibilities are endless!

How will you benefit from Leads in Salesforce?

Well lets face it, the Sales Teams are bombarded with calls and emails and queries from the website that can be extremely difficult to manage efficiently and without missing out on opportunities that could potentially be a huge client/account for your business, who you can approached, have they come back to you, what’s the next step with the Lead, when did it convert into an actually client or did the lead ever become an account/client?

Bingo….Leads in Salesforce!

There could not be a better way for an organisation to keep a track of what is happening with what potential client before it actually becomes a client/account of your business.

Lets put it simply…just by adding your leads into Salesforce you will be able manage them easier and have updates for your Management meetings in real time as you will know exactly what is happening at what time. Your website will do most of the work by converting the web form submission straight into Salesforce converting them into Leads, you will be able to manage and see daily/minute by minute how many leads were generated just by your website, you can track /Campaign IDs into WordPress Actions, do custom object integration the list is endless! All your Sales Team has to do now is convert those Leads into Client/Account for your business! Good Luck!

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