Outlook Integration with Salesforce

Microsoft Outlook Integration with Salesforce

Microsoft® Outlook® and Salesforce are essential to your daily work routine, you can boost your productivity by automatically syncing the two systems.

Why it is important

Sync contacts, events, and tasks between your desktop-based version of Outlook and Salesforce. Select an email in Outlook to see related Salesforce records, like leads, contacts, tasks, and opportunities. And relate that email to the Salesforce records of your choice.

Lightning for Outlook:

Get your sales teams to stay on top of important sales opportunities. Using Microsoft Outlook Web App (OWA), Outlook 2016, Outlook for Mac 2016, or Outlook 2013, sales teams can manage their sales more efficiently. Your sales reps can add email and attachments to Salesforce records. Also, they can create Salesforce records using global actions—directly in their email applications.

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Learning about Sync Schedules

Salesforce for Outlook syncs your items based on your system activity. Events and tasks sync automatically every ten minutes; contacts sync automatically every hour. If, however, Salesforce for Outlook detects keyboard or mouse inactivity for 30 minutes, the sync frequency for events and tasks changes to 30 minutes. After two hours of inactivity, the frequency for all updates changes to hourly, and after four hours, the frequency changes to every four hours.


  • Synchronise contacts, calendar events and tasks automatically from Microsoft Outlook to Salesforce.
  • Associate MS Outlook inbound and outbound emails with Leads, Contacts in Salesforce
  • Add email message and file attachments to the Lead or Contact in Salesforce without modifying the original message in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Export contacts, calendar (events) and tasks from Microsoft Outlook to Salesforce
  • Get maps / directions to a contacts address with a single mouse-click (nice Google/MapQuest mash-up integration here!)
  • Resolve conflicts while synchronising contacts, calendar and tasks with Salesforce so that there is no duplication of customer data

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